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Things are particularly bad for domesticated animals in the Carolinas & Georgia where we are currently focused
a great many shelters admit that for every 50 Pets surrendered every day only 3 are usually lucky enough to find
homes so that on an average they kill 100+ dogs & cats a week for a variety of reasons many of these poor Pets while they
are alive live in deplorable conditions ~ Understandably from their perspective many county facilities see rescue groups as
a threat ~ We can not rely on a system that is flawed nor can we wait for legislation to catch up while lives are being
taken ~ By implementing a more direct approach our intention is to augment a network of volunteers & foster homes ~
the local regulations ~ in most of the these states say a foster can house up to 3 dogs or cats ~ so for every foster
we have the potential to save 3 lives through our growing network of volunteers we will be able to pull these precious
lives from high rate kill shelters & transport them to other states, or at the very least place them in volunteer
based sanctuaries until a forever home can be found

Help us spread the word & make a lasting difference

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