Help get Shannon's Bill passed in DC

Please click on this link and vote "support" and add a comment. The Congressmen will read comments and consider all the positive support in getting this Bill passed. Please honor Shannon and the legacy she leaves to save…Read More

One amazing person is helping Shannon's cause!!

I just wanted to share this great news. A young and very talented singer has decided to help Shannon's Foundation. I am sharing this link with everyone to help get her name out...she's well on her way to the big time and is taking time to help us. Thank you…Read More

A sincere THANK YOU

Thank you all so much for supporting the "Shannon Alert" cause. The band order form, the cause sight and the resolution by Congress are the top 3 sites on "Shannon Alert band" You have all been a big part of this and never gave up believing in…Read More

Shannon's Birthday 3/17/11

Please join the celebration of Shannon's 2nd birthday in Heaven. It's a world wide event of sending balloons out for her. No need to attend anything. I'm asking people from everywhere you are to do this in memory of her. Here is the…Read More

Shannon Alert petition 2010

I started an on-line petition from 8/7 through 9/4 and received an amazing 3457 supporters. If you signed this petition please join this cause. Here is the link to the petition. Thank you all for your…Read More

Letter from a professor who is supporting this cause.

Angela Mudd, Please accept my condolences for your tragic loss. I wholeheartedly support your efforts to increase awareness of the risks and dangers asscocitated with blood thinners (anticoagulants). When I lecture to health care professionals about…Read More

Share your stories..we need to hear them!!

If you or someone you know has been affected in any way by taking anti-coagulants (blood thinners). PLEASE SHARE your story on here!!! We need to make people aware of how crucial this band is. Medic bracelets are available for 20.00 or more BUT most patients…Read More
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