To leverage the strength of online gaming communities to give back to soldiers from whose culture we borrow so often.

‘Tied the Leader’ is an organization born exclusively of the World Wide Web. It’s members find community sharing the pastime of playing online war games. From its origins, www.tiedtheleader.com has evolved as a meeting ground for the digital sportsman in search of honorable allies or opponents for various electronic contests of skill and wit. As a gesture of altruism, the strength of our numbers is being leveraged to drive this charitable endeavor. Rather than glorify violence, the TTL community seeks to communicate an understanding for its repercussions in the real world.

The ‘Tied the Leader’ Foundation is our means of giving back to Soldiers from whose culture we borrow so often. They are the real Gunslingers. Their traditions of honor translate to our emphasis on sportsmanship and mutual respect among gamers. The camaraderie of our community is an echo of the bond they find in their ranks. It is the Veteran who earns the gamer the freedom to enjoy a harmless role-play that is based on armed conflict. It is altogether fitting and appropriate that the gamer rewards the sacrifices made by the Veteran. Through the ‘Tied the Leader’ Foundation, we pay a portion of the debt that is owed to those who have fought on the real battlefield.


1. To raise funds for charitable endeavors.

2. To donate all funds to combat wounded war veterans.

3. To spread awareness of the cause and charity foundation.

4. To do our best to give back to those that have sacrificed so much for us.