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Help Build a School in Sierra Leone

HOW aims to build a school for the children of Benguema Village and the CMFO Orphanage in 2012. Currently, there is a small bamboo hut with a mud floors, wood benches and one little chalk board, and that's it. There are about 200 kids in the area, most of them roam the streets during the day trying to sell coal or water. Some of them come and cram into the bamboo hut to listen to the teachers speak. We believe they deserve the right to a proper education and the opportunity for a brighter future.

A man named Alpha is their community leader, a pastor by profession, who built the bamboo hut and enlists the teachers. His dream is to build a 5 classroom permanent structure for the community. This has been his dream for over 9 years now!

HOW is now committed to making Alpha's dream come true for the children. Please consider a donation today and affect many precious lives for the better.

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