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Poizner Bringing Back California's Prop. 187?

We're launching a campaign to fight back California's Steve Poizner trying to bring back from the dead the bigoted Proposition 187. Let Steve “the Poisoner” know that Latinos and other immigrants will not tolerate being his floor mat. Contact him to let him know that his campaign messages against ”illegal aliens” are an attack on decency and are filled with hate and that you will not tolerate it come election night.

First, DIGG this story; go here:

Here’s Steve Poizner’s contact information

Steve Poizner’s Facebook Page:

Steve Poizner’s Twitter Page

You can write a letter to him to this address:

Steve Poizner for Governor
520 Capitol Mall, Suite 220
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 325-6800

…and you can contact him through his website here:

Also, on Twitter be sure to also tweet Steve Poizner’s Press Secretary, Bettina Inclan on her twitter account @BettinaInclan, who is a Latina herself.

In addition, take a moment to send a tweet over to Mr. Poizner’s official campaign team account at @TeamPoizner.

Here’s a couple of sample tweets you can send their way (don’t forget to ask people to “RT”!):

plz RT: @StevePoizner @TeamPoizner Prop13 pushd CA economy off cliff, NOT hardworking ppl tryng 2escape poverty

Poizner zeros in on an untimely issue: - wonder if he’s listening to advice from @bettinainclan, or is he getting any?

@StevePoizner, @[email protected], What’s with the ”illegal aliens” campaign message? Is @GlennBeck a campaign advisor? #CIR#HATE

Don't forget: when you send your tweets to the people above, please use the following
hashtags for maximum effect:


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