PER connects individuals to those progressive initiatives that can advance the empowerment of Latinos in the tradition of uplifting “the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses” to strengthen the U.S.

How you can help this project (besides asking your friends to join in too):

*Start using the term "ECONOMIC REFUGEE" instead of others such as "illegal alien", "illegal immigrant", "undocumented worker", "undocumented immigrant", etc.

*Stay informed! Read the news & opinion pieces published on this site.

*Take action! When the occasional action alert is posted on this site, please take action (examples: e-mailing congress, writing the local newspaper, calling your newstation, taking signs to a march or townhall meeting, etc.) … every bit counts!

*Send me or comment me with alerts about what is going in your community regarding immigration and other issues directly affecting the Latino community.

*Become part of the Project Economic Refugee team! If you would like to support PER with your talent, services, or ideas, please send me a message at [email protected] to ask for more details. I want this to be a collaborative work for our community and I could certainly use your help as a co-organizer! Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

1. Promotes a message of empathy and compassion that is rooted in a progressive spirituality of inclusiveness and tolerance

2. Humanizes the debate regarding "illegal immigration" so that the public at large recognizes that its is a direct result of a humanitarian crisis

3. Raises awareness for the only permanent solution to the “illegal immigration problem”: tackling the actual poverty & violence that creates "illegals"

4. Connects Latinos to the larger progressive movement of the United States

5. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/4r0pi0