To provide earrings to lift the spirits of female cancer patients during chemotherapy.

Ears To You was started in 2008 when director Ruth Crane was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Ruth wanted to help other women in treatment feel beautiful and "normal" as they made the transition to wigs and scarves. She felt that a new pair of earrings really did brighten a woman's day and the joy of receiving something new at a time when things can be scary and uncertain was a great distraction. Donations of new earrings or money to purchase earrings will keep Ears To You going strong at the hospitals we currently serve and also help us expand to more hospitals around the country! To date over 2,000 earrings have been donated to the Cleveland Clinic main campus and Akron General Hospital. Donate today to this wonderful cause!

1. www.earstoyou.org

2. Donations will be used to purchase earrings at just $5 a pair for women in treatment.

3. Donations will allow us to help women in more hospitals across the country!

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a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 26-4131382)