Free Horses on Craigslist Need Homes Asap!

Just crossposted for someone that saw two ads on Nashville Craigslist where people are trying to get rid of their horses, please someone help snatch these guys up before a KB finds this and they are beyond or reach!

The Fun isn't over yet!

There's still a load of horses going out. Today's focus is getting the ones already paid for out!

Let's get the word spread!

Let's see how far and wide we can get Shantal's cause going! Invite your friends, get their friends involved! Let all horse lovers unite for a good cause.

Shantal's Interview

WBKO Television - The story about Kentucky horses being shipped for slaughter to Canada, will air tonight on WBKO at 6. Then you can catch it on We will link to the story here on facebook at that time.

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