Protect shark nurseries and large females in the San Francisco and the State of California

Sea Stewards is protecting sharks for a healthy ocean. Banning unsustainable seafood like shark fins will help limit the shark fin trade and reduce the practice of killing sharks just for their fins.
Banning the trade and sale of shark fins and shark fin products in California and now other states is a great start. Yet sharks are also overfished and killed in large numbers as bycatch in longline and gill net fisheries. We need to stop shark killing.

The shark fin movement started in San Francisco is moving to another effort- protecting live sharks where we can.

The San Francisco Shark Sanctuary aims to protect important nurseries for several species of sharks and protect important habitat. Given the high mercury content of local sharks we also advocate catch and release of all sharks for the health of humans and the health of the Bay ecosystems.

Sharks are important for a healthy ocean and San Francisco bay. Lets protect them at home and protect them abroad.