A Chairde, In this cell, #8 in the hospital wing of H-blocks, Long Kesh prison, at 01:17 - the wee hours of his 66th day on Hunger Strike (20:17 Wednesday night EST) - THE RIGHT HONOURABLE BOBBY SANDS MP, poet, POW, PIRA Volunteer, son, brother, husband,…Read More

CHEERS ME M8S !!! We've Surpassed 5,000 Thanks to many wonderful people !

Mo chairde, Níl mé go leor focal a chur in iúl mo bhuíochas do thacaíocht creideamh, agus onóir an croí agus anam na Bobby a chomrádaithe! Anois, beidh muid ag féachaint an féidir linn a fháil ar rud éigin a bheith dearfach agus díreach tar éis teacht ar…Read More

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Greetings all, What a grand job you've all been doing - nearly 5,000 !!! I am so proud and please that there are so many people out there who believe and care. All love and gratitude to you Bobby on your 57th. Your beautiful soul inspires people round the…Read More

Thirty Years Today - Bobby Sands began the Hunger Strike that Would Claim His Life

Cheers to the memory of a truly great man. A man of great gifts and talents who sacrificed with his final weapon against oppression and tyranny - his life for his love of country and of oppressed people everywhere. Memory in respect for all the things he was…Read More

4,285 !!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS A MILLION TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO SUPPORT THIS CAUSE AND MAKE OTHERS AWARE OF IT AS WELL !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mostly, thank you for remembering and honouring Bobby Sands and those…Read More

The Cause Includes More in Addition to POW Rights

We Refuse To Lay Here In Dishonour We Are Not Criminals But Irish Men This Is The Crime We Stand Accused This is The Death I Should Have Asked For If God Had Given Me The Choice Of All Deaths To Die A Soldiers Death For Ireland And For Freedom. ~ Bobby…Read More

Problems with E-Mail Address to Order Bobby Sands Wristbands

Greetings a chairde, :) My apologies for being away from the Cause for a bit. As some of you may have discovered, the e-mail address I set up specifically for the purpose of ordering and sending mailing addresses and other communications regarding these…Read More
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