NCNM has been gracious enough to receive donations in care of The RUN. 100% of the funds raised here will go directly to this public awareness project.

The RUN: for America’s Natural Medicine Doctors, the pilot project of this organization, will cross the United States on foot to promote the causes of naturopathic medicine throughout America. These causes include increasing the health of the American people, providing sustainable, quality holistic health care, and educating the public about healthy lifestyle management and health maintenance. The RUN also endeavors to make a clear statement about the benefits of these everyday wellness choices.
These objectives will be accomplished through:

• Daily press conferences and publicity events
• A four month human interest story which will draw attention to the cause
• Fundraising to support a fund which will offer grants/loans to philosophically aligned efforts

By introducing “naturopathic medicine” into the national vocabulary and making “naturopath” a household term, this RUN will lead to increased health care options for Americans by stimulating interest in naturopathic care, drawing attention to the need for expanded state licensure, and encouraging more comprehensive insurance coverage for this alternate primary care choice.

1. Naturopathic Medicine can transform lives by addressing the root cause of illness.

2. Beginning July 17, 2011, we will run from San Francisco to Bridgeport, CT--3250 miles in 123 days.

3. www.therun.org