To provide goods, services, and opportunities to children, families, schools, and organizations in Appalachian and teach youth about the importance of community service.

This organization was founded in 1993 by Emily Douglas, at the age of 11, in memory of her grandma Norma Ackison of Ironton, Ohio. Norma passed away in 1991 of breast cancer.

Emily's Grandmother, Norma, was born in 1932 as the last of 12 children in southern Ohio. Shortly following her birth, her father died leaving her mother to raise the children in Depression-era Appalachia. Norma learned all too well the challenges and humiliation of poverty. She often shared stories about the way she had felt when other children had made fun of her tattered clothing and home with newspaper curtains or what it was like to go to bed without dinner. Norma never forgot the caring neighbors who reached out to help her and the family. As an adult and owner of a successful small business, her and her husband Odell bought clothes and toys to donate at Christmas time, delivered food to veterans who lived in caves throughout the county, and donated books to local schools. After Norma passed away, Emily began to realize that the need was greater than imagined.

Grandma's Gifts works in Appalachian counties that nationally rank in the lowest 35% in the United States. As of December 2013, over $12.9M in goods and services has been provided to the Appalachian region! The cool part is that this organization is youth run and 100% of donations go to the cause! It's amazing to see just how young people can CHANGE THE WORLD!

Founder & Exec Director: Emily Douglas, [email protected]

Website: http://www.GrandmasGifts.org

1. Provide Goods to Appalachia (food, personal/dental hygiene, books, etc)

2. Provide Services for Appalachian peoples (dental/vision/health screenings, etc)

3. Provide Opportunities for Appalachian kids (Field trips/traveling exhibits on technology, engineering, matth, science, & conservation)

4. Advocate for Appalachia, volunteerism, philanthropy, literacy, and education!