Thank you

I would like to wish all our members a Happy Thanksgiving. And take time today to remember our cause and the people that we lost on 9/11, and give thanks to all our Fireman,Police, and Service Men and Women that keep us safe every day. tx Art

Thank You

Again I would like to thank all the members who have joined our cause. We now have 3500 people who have joined and continue to invite new members to join along with us in our protest to let our leaders know that we do not agree with the plans to build a…Read More

Thank you

I like to thank all the member that have joined and recruited for our cause, we are now 3,040 members so far. We can keep this going and keep getting the word out to our so called leaders that we are not on board with there plans to allow this mosque to be…Read More

Join in protesting

Please join my cause to stop any building of a mosque near the World Trade Center

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