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Brian E Wagner Scholarship Fund honors 2015 annual recipients with $7500


The BEWSF (Brian E. Wagner Scholarship Fund) continues their commitment to excellence by granting scholarships to seniors who have gone above and beyond during their high school careers. The non-profit organization was established in memory of Brian Edwin Wagner, whose life was cut short at the age of sixteen after a tragic auto accident. Brian’s commitment to serve Elmhurst as an outstanding young leader has never been forgotten. Three incomparable high school graduates graciously accepted $2500 each. This money will support tuition costs for their first year in college. All have diligently served as shining examples in the community by exercising sound judgment and committing themselves to volunteer programs that make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.

Sarah Milkowski, will be attending the University of Southern California and pursuing her major in engineering. Sarah was a 4 year varsity athlete at York Community High School. She helped lead the softball team to a regional title during her sophomore year. Sarah stated, "Brian's story has encouraged me to make good decisions throughout high school. The scholarship will help me and my family with the costs of college, and I hope to pay it forward wherever I may go in life. In college I hope to stay involved in community service, athletics and, of course, my studies.”

Another York High School recipient, Thomas Pennel was co-captain of the football team and a student at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital’s medical careers class. He was accepted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Thomas stated, "I am truly honored to receive this award. The funds from the scholarship will help me in my pursuit of a major of molecular and cellular biology major, pre-med track. I plan to pursue a career that allows me to be a leader in the community by being responsible for the health care and well-being of others. I also plan to continue to participate in volunteer opportunities while in college. “

The final recipient, from Immaculate Conception College Prep, Stephen Stam will major in sports marketing and management at Indiana University. Stephen played multiple sports and was a volunteer at the Knights of Columbus during high school. He expressed, “Learning about Brian's work ethic and integrity pushes me to become more like him in every sense of life. Through Brian’s example of leadership, perseverance, and compassion, I will continue to serve as a leader like he was and still is.”

Pete Zamar (BEWSF President) is proud to see that the mission of Brian’s scholarship is being actively accomplished through the dedicated work of the BEWSF Committee and all the loyal supporters. Zamar explained, “Brian’s memory means so much to all of us. I am very pleased to see his life continues to make a difference. Every year we are proud to see students who are eager to walk in his footsteps. Their noteworthy achievements and desire to excel challenges others to go the extra mile while leaving a legacy in Brian’s name.” Next year will mark the fifth year of operation for the BEWSF. So far the scholarship has donated $30,000 in college tuition funding to twelve deserving scholars. More information about the cause and application process can be found at

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