Dear Members, We want to thank all of you who have helped so far by donating funds to help us develop a year-round water source for wild horses at Deer Spring in Northeastern, Nevada on public lands. Over 400 wild horses could be in danger of losing their…Read More

This was a rescue sanctuary that got in trouble with mismanagement with over 650 horses. It is very sad and hard to watch the video or see the photos. So far since June 30 wild horses have died horrible cruel needless deaths. We are trying to raise money…Read More

Help ~Don't Kill Wild Horses with Tax Funding~Create Wild Horse Refuges upon our Public Lands and Parks

We need your help to save our wild horses Please read the petition and sign today . Be a part of the solution so that our wild horses may remain free roaming on public lands , we will not allow them to kill 44,000 horses in government holding facilities in…Read More

The Second Chance Lucky 11 Wild Horses

This is an urgent request for people to help adopt out some magnificent wild horses that are being held at Palomino Valley , Reno Nevada. There are 11 altogether from the same BLM HMA in Ely, Nevada. We have 9 weanlings and 2 yearling for adoption. We are…Read More

Wild Horse Photography Workshops this Summer and Fall Please email me the dates you would like to attend a workshop. I do try and work around your schedule. It is an adventure of a lifetime! Email me at [email protected] or Call 775-934-2674 please leave a message. Thank…Read More

Content No Longer Available for army of wild horse supporters

Sorry this content is no longer available!

Wyomings Great Divide Basin Wild Horses At Risk

You can take action to try and stop the removal of all the wild horses in this area by going to the Cloud Foundation link ! Comments to the…Read More
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