Our mission is to provide for the physical, social and spiritual needs of those who need it most through sustainable, transformational development.

World Transformational Ministries uses technology to reach Unreached people one need at a time. Appropriate technologies are implemented in the areas of water supply and distribution, health care and education, animal husbandry and agroforestry to build bridges and relationships as the love of Christ is shared in both word and deed.

Transformation is the desired result in all of WTM's endeavors. Lasting external change in the human condition is not possible without first being preceded by internal transformation. Internal transformation through the power of the Gospel results in a renewing of the mind, and, consequently, a renewing of the state of the world.

Sustainable development is the meeting of a community's basic needs without hindering the ability of the next generation to meet those needs. This is accomplished through the application of appropriate technologies and methods that take the local resources, knowledge and goals into consideration during the development process. The combined effect of sustainable development through appropriate technologies implemented through Biblical principles has the power to transform entire communities and bring them to saving faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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