Draft to an idea for a Standard about Moral and Ethics 
Someone else can do a much better work than I on this, I am just proposing an idea.  Global Justice Standard xxxxx Global Code of Conduct xxxxx ISO XXXXX Scope / Description the General Idea Described in this proposal are rules to be followed by a company, an organization or a private person to become certified according to ISO XXXXX Morals and ethical standards must be fulfilled according to the documents and the set of rules listed below. Ethics/Ethical standard is the description of the norms and values that exist. Morals/moral standard is how well the ethical standards are accomplished in a person’s life and deeds.  The UN's human rights of children must be followed even by subcontractors. http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html 1% of a company's profit after tax shall be paid to UN for a just sharing of the earth’s resources. The money can be used as aid to catastrophes, education, school-building, hospitals, drilling for water etc. There must be a plan for equality between the sexes.  All legal disputes shall be settled according to the UNs laws. http://www.un.org/law All professionals/professional people must follow their own ethical and moral norms and rules according to their professional standards.  Science and research ethics must be followed according to applicable laws and rules. http://www.forskningsetikprovning.se/index.htmMay the 4S B with U Simson Samuelsson Aktionsgruppen Radikala Grepp Adress: Simson Samuelsson, Vestre Håbakken 10, 4345 Bryne, NorwayFOUNDER