Would you like to contribute?

We at Laura's Alliance are working on a few things to help improve the bereaved families experience at the hospitals and after we leave the hospitals. I was wondering if any of you would like to contribute some thoughts either regarding what you did, or…Read More

We are happy to announce our first teddy bear donation!!

Laura 's Alliance was happy to receive thier first teddy bear donation this past Tuesday!! We want to thank Parkdale Novelity for thier generousity.

Please Feel Free To Leave Your Story

Anyone who would like to leave a message about your angel we would love you to feel free to do so. Your story may help another family also dealing with a loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Getting back on track!

Hi Everyone, Sorry we haven't updated the site in a while, we moved and things are now getting back to normal a bit.We have some things in works.We will be keeping you posted!!

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There is only 28 days left until Laura's Day of Hope. Come out and have a fun filled day with us , the firemen and lots of things for Silent Auction too!

Laura's Day of Hope !

Please invite your family and friends to our fundraiser and support us in helping others in their healing process! thanks for your support.

Laura's Day of Hope !

On September 19th 2010 from 2pm -4.30pm we will be having a fundraiser at the Mississauga Valley's Community Centre. All are welcome. The Fire Department will be making a guest appearance between 2.30-3.30pm for pictures and a look at their truck. There will…Read More
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