Should disability be given to non disabled people?

Yes ~ I agree this is a suitable choice. (14% people answered this) No~ I disgree this is not a suitable choice. (57% people answered this) I am indifferent on the determination process. (28% people answered this) 7 people voted. Raise Awareness and…Read More


This is a formal invitation to join The Epileptic Athlete Association 2011 now The Epilepsy Athletics Group to raise awareness for Epilepsy related charities!! Thank You.... Sincerely, "Ty"William R. Gerringer Jr. 2011. (Administrator) The Epilepsy Athletics…Read More


I would just wish to invite individuals who support Epilepsy Charities or Foundations to The Epilepsy Athletics Group page for non-discriminating discussions and ideas of support in the hopes of raising awareness and educating people who may not have…Read More

Recruitment for the Cause?

I would like to ask all my members to send in a response to this question. What would you like to see updated on The Epilepsy Athletics Group page to better accomodate the members with finding new members to this group? & Would anyone already involved…Read More

Florida Epilepsy

Hello Everyone, Ty William r. Gerringer Jr here and I just recieved an e-mail from Heather Steele Hernandez and she was resquesting some support for the Florida Chaper Epilepsy Movement. I stated to her I would send this information to my members and…Read More


Hello to all my members of The Epileptic Athlete Association founded 2010. I am asking each of you if you would not mind sending an invitation to join the cause to one or two of your friends in hopes of reaching the first goal of 200 people by the end of…Read More

National Walk / Washington D.C. March 27th

This bulletin is to raise awareness for the National Walk to be held in Washington D.C. on March 27th as many of you know! Purple Day is the day before and I would like to take the time to Thank all individuals who have participated in this non-profit. This…Read More
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