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My arrest

Pipeline Protest in D.C..

Nebraska Group

Hello Everyone.

We are back. I will be working on getting an outline of our pipeline fight up. Been a while and with this page down for a LONG time, I/we have some catching up to do. ?: How many of our members were arrested in D.C. in September? I know I was!!

Help us Tell Rep. Fortenberry to Invest in America.

In the midst of all our officials diciding how to cut the Budget. The things we 98% of America benifit from and hold near and dear are being the first to be put on the chopping block. Education and Science Programs, NPR, PBS, Headstart, Wic, Health care. Due…Read More

Rally at the Capital Today

WOW, 549! This cause keeps growing and for a good reason. Believe it or not we are making a difference. We need to keep getting our voices out there. We need to make sure our officals take our rights and concerns to mind while they are making these powerful…Read More

Leaving Footprints Behind

International Headlines and Forbes.

Sorry I forgot to post the link here it is. Bold Nebraska made Forbes. Not bad for a six month old Organization. Way to go ladies! I know I'm proud!!!!! Complaints cite contributions in 2 Neb. campaigns -
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