To send a message to facebook to filter, delete, and report to authorities any person or persons who willing show animals being abused. This is not to censor pictures of abused animals for education

Recently there has been a surge of pages which show animals being abused and condoning animal abuse. We need to send a message to facebook that this behavior is not only illegal, but will not be tolerated. Please join me in sending a message to fb to filter and delete these horrific pages showing people abusing animals and report them to the proper authorities. This is only for those showing animal abuse. If you are using abused animal pictures for educational purposes, this is acceptable (I.e. Causes, ASPCA, HSUS, etc.) IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANIMALS, DON'T GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!! AND IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED TO ABUSE YOUR ANIMAL, GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO WILL CARE FOR IT PROPERLY!!!!

1. www.aspca.com

2. www.hsus.com