We need signitures and donations to get Dr Touhy's breast cancer vaccine available!

The simplicity of the vaccine, one that has proven successful at not only preventing new breast cancer tumors from growing in the mice predisposed to the condition, but also blocked the growth of new breast cancer tumors. This is the most important part because it can be used as an effective treatment in women with metastatic cancer. I have stage IV breast cancer. I would like to see this pushed through to be used for metastatic breast cancer as soon as possible.

Dr. Touhy is asking Congress to fund this vaccine and the funds are needed for human trials to begin. Please help make this happen. Imagine the impact on our health care crisis if it did not have to fund this disease. Imagine not having to pay death benefits to 40,000. It will save all the women and men we love in our lives. there are two petitions on this cause one is for stage iv breast cancer pts and the first one below is for anyone who wants to stand up and fight for the cure for breast cancer!



1. fighting breast cancer

2. breast cancer prevention