add more on facebook so i can keep you abreast of whats going on in breast cancer

Thank you all for supporting the cause for breast cancer vaccine, he needs funding, i need congress s attention....i need this to go viral on facebook and you tube i have a video on my page talking about stage iv breast cancer. I have stage IV ive been told…Read More

hi everyone please please take the time to fill in a petition

its great your all joining the cause its very important to get word out there of HOPE....please sign the peition it will go to congress the cause is for FB to get word out about the petitions. SO PLEASE IF YOU HAVNT YET SIGN ONE of the petitions one is for…Read More

hi everyone please add me on facebook and say hello and thank you so much

Please add me and say hello on facebook, and thank you so very much for caring enough to sign up on this cause, please make sure you sign the peitions which ever one pertains to you, one is for everyone to sign the other is for stage iv breast cancer pts to…Read More

ok i did it finally petition is listed on cause page for EVERYONE to sign not just cancer pts

The last petition was for cancer pts only to sign for congress, but i think everyone should be able to sign, after all one in eight women will get this dreadful disease, it will be someone you know, someone you love eventually so save their life now!!! if you…Read More

im working on a petition that everyone can sign not just breast cancer pts

im working on a petition for everyone to sign not jjust breast cancer pts, this will be for anyone who knows someone who has breast cancer or loves someone who has it to sign and send congress the message to fund Dr Touheys vaccine for the cure for breast…Read More

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