Unification of Islam, Re-establishment of the Caliphate, and the Living of the Golden Age

Ummah Wahida (http://www.ummahwahida.com) is a phrase in the Qur’an that means “one single community”. The Ummah Wahida Movement, is a movement that sees the union of Muslims as One Islam, One People as One Ummah. With such union, we will establish the caliphate, that will reign over the order of this world, and subsequently, the living of the Golden Era, that is to come.

‘Truly this, creed of Islam, is your community, your religion, O you who are being addressed — in other words, you must adhere to it as, one community, [this being] a necessary state [of affairs], and I am your Lord, so worship Me’, affirm My Oneness.” Surat Al-’Anbya, Verse 92

Ummah Wahida’s social networking engine, Islam Circle, has its online platform, IslamCircle.com, that helps to network Muslims all over the world using the power of Internet and Social Media. On the other hand, the Islam Circle’s Grassroots Cells and Groups, rally support from the people on the ground, people who have no access to the Internet, and get them to also be connected to us via other means apart from the Internet.

The Ummah Wahida Manifesto, is a document that covers the vision, mission and the blue print of our movement.

By uniting all the 1.2 billion Muslims all over the world, by the sheer size alone, we could stand tall and be stronger as one united Islam, and establish a Khalifa that will guide us as One Nation of Muslims that live all over the world. There will be no countries, or physical boundaries that will separate the Muslims.

This website will help us disseminate information, elicit actions from our Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam, and keep us connected, and informed so that we can take swift and concerted actions on matters that need our attention and resolve.

1. Unite the Muslims Through an Online Social Network

2. Unite the Muslims Beyond the Internet

3. Unification of Islam in the Re-establishment of the Caliphate

4. The rule of the 12th Caliphate

5. The living of the Golden Age