Advocate, Educate, Investigate, Enforcement,Litigate, Safe haven,Stress Management

I am a retired police officer and would love to start a 501c3 group that would pay to have investigators trained and pay for their expenses to travel and help local agencies educate police and citizens to be advocate for animals...I will raise money to train 10 investigators. To start they would travel and be an advocate for the animals...and help educate people on the importance of federal law making animal abuse and neglect a felony....I will get an attorney on board to assist in writing the legislation and I have in my mind how I would like this organization to work and believe that with some can start up costs and sponsors I will make this happen. I need someone to volunteer to write a business plan. 'the goal I would like to set is to help 2500 dogs and or cats during the first year..I would like to have 2 classifications of animals, abused molested and ill, and other dogs that just seem to fall thru the cracks and just need a chance at a great life and a forever home. For the last goal of this group I would like to train peer rescuers to provide emotional support for people that are exposed to animal abuse and have a high potential to devolp Post traumatic stress. I am trained to teach people to become peer supporters and will certainly donate my time to get a team trained. I hope that many of you will join me and help me get this off the ground.

1. Advocate Educate Investigate

2. Enforcement, Litigate

3. Stress Management, Peer Support, Safe Homes

4. Develop, train donate and match and place therapy dogs

5. Gain funding, attract sponsors, Seek grants