To figure out if there really is something in the water or if we're all just sheep in primate clothing

Denial, complacence and greed are directly responsible for the global wave of genocide, rape, famine, suicide and environmental anarchy which is AT THIS MOMENT cresting on EVERY shore around the Earth.
Multinational corporations (MNC's) reap +500% profits by keeping 3 billion people starving to death; government officials grow fat off the scraps (as their constituents starve, since MNC's do their banking offshore); and altruism has been relegated to the position of deadly sin.
The Earth is in its death throes trying to rebalance itself, meanwhile the global population is kept equally off balance by media induced propaganda and ingrained, unwaivering feudal subservience.
The advent of social networking has allowed this global population to connect with each other on an unprecedented scale; evidence of atrocities can now be documented and instantly sent across the planet via camera phone; global outcries can be virtually organized, circulated and delivered to the proper authorities.
Yet the fortune possessed by just 1 of the 225 wealthiest individuals on the planet is equivalent to the combined income of 12.5 million of the poorest.
That's a few hundred vs 6,000,000,000; and yet everyone balks at the vision of a world where 0.00000375% of humans don't hold despotic rule over the other 99.999625%
This is why it is an absolute CERTAINTY that we, as a planet, are going to do sweet f^&k-all as we watch, slack jawed, the sky tumble down and the seas rise up to swallow us whole. Unfortunately though, we'll most likely instead be plunged into a world of disease, rape, famine, corruption, murder and all around dog-eat-dog, rabid, Mad Max anarchy (see: any undeveloped (i.e. non-Caucasian) nation).
Now, before I kick back with a margarita (or some other verdant equivalent) to wallow in the perverse emotional maelstrom of sententious delight and horror symptomatic of planet wide suicide, I am going to attempt a little sociological experiment to prove that the threshold of human ignorance is, in fact, infinite. By cataloguing the inexhaustible supply of barbarous, profit-induced human rights violations and environmental desecrations, I will demonstrate that there is NO limit to humanity's tolerance for suffering, injustice and exploitation; that we will bow and scrape until the very end.
The specific hypothesis being that persons can be impassioned to rage against the dying of the light; while people, however, continue marching ever so gently into that good night.
A fun little exercise in futility to keep the mind-numbing, gut-churning panic at bay; like wars or elections (just not profitable or for sale).
At this point, I would like to request anyone reading this, who advocates ignorance as bliss, consumer therapy and/or capitalism; to kindly consider giving up any and all natural resources which you are too ignorant/jaded/greedy to fight for (might I suggest starting with air).
Mind you, taking into consideration the general publics level of literacy and apathy, I doubt anyone fitting the above description would have chosen/been able to read past the first few lines of this pinko-commie-treehugging-hippie-alarmist declamation.
So with that in mind let's shed some light on all the world's most unspeakable horrors and have some fun!
All submissions epitomizing the accepted malignancy of the human condition driving us towards Ragnarok are welcome.