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Awareness of Donating

I don't know if you received information on this CAUSE, If you did please forgive me..
I started this CAUSE to bring other people the know-how on how to DONATE!! Whether it be on your Dr.Lics, blood, bone marrow, live organ donation, Time or even money.. NO amount is too small or large.. I know some people do not believe in this, but if you just listen or read some of the information or profiles, it might just change your mind.. I am a BONE MARROW, BLOOD and organ donor. It does not take long to find out about this and the life you can save may be yours, family or your Best friend.. I think we need to get the word OUT!!! 83% of PEOPLE do not donate blood. ("Do NOT") Some people have a religious belief and can not donate organs or blood.. But in the Bible it does say you should tithe 10% of your pay, now is a good time to start. ( I am not pushing any religion on anyone). Or you could donate time.. Please comment on whether you do or don't. Or tell us if you have a story about donating... Love, hugs, kisses and may GOD be with US! Susan

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