Stopping abuse starts with taking the pledge "Abuse Stops With Me"

Here you can tell US your experince or Story

One important thing is to add ORGAN DONATION to your Drivers License, also let your LOVED ONES know your wishes., Also how to give blood..

Awareness of Donating

I don't know if you received information on this CAUSE, If you did please forgive me.. I started this CAUSE to bring other people the know-how on how to DONATE!! Whether it be on your Dr.Lics, blood, bone marrow, live organ donation, Time or even money.. NO…Read More

Be"Cause" God loves you

I have decided to see how many people donate their Organs on their Drivers License, or donate Blood, Bone Marrow, Time or money.. PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT THE WORD TO JOIN IN ON OUR CAUSE!! IT DOES NOT TAKE LONG.. It may be a person you don't even know that you…Read More
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