Awareness of Donating Organs

Advocate the need for Organ donations, Sign up on your Drivers License, IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET! YOU CAN DO THIS TODAY DO NOT PUT OFF ANY LONGER! and make sure you tell someone Your wishes to donate. You are never to old or young. You can even donate while you are living to give someone a chance at life, Donate a kidney, bone marrow or Blood.
Please send me a message and let me know if you are a donor. This cause may someday save a person in your family.. Cancer is one reason to donate, It does not take long to donate your bone marrow or blood and only hurts a little while.You can maybe save someone's life, by donating. You may need this yourself. At that time there may not be anyone to help you!! So please get the word out. Send this to everyone you Know.

1. My goal is to see how many people donate their organs.

2. Have people be aware of how is it is to sign up.