We really need your help $1.00 at a time.

Even though we are a chartered non-profit, Facebook is not letting us, for some reason take donations through the cause. We are working on that but they can only be reached during weekday business hours. We ask that even a donation of one dollar to our paypal…Read More

Sponsers, Funding and Donations

We are now a chartered non-profit organization: GIOVANNI'S LEGACY FOUNDATION and all donations can be made via our Paypal account [email protected] We are grateful for any and all assistance, no matter how minimal and there is no charge for using…Read More

Schools are soon opening up again.

One of the things that we feel is so very important, is getting the word out to parents and children about gun safety and the need to stop violence in our streets, neighborhoods and even schools. Because of the economy, we have no problem donating our time…Read More
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