Treatment in America

We are trying to raise 70,ooo for our son Brandon to have the best treatment for his brain tumour, unfortunatly he was not granted funding by the government. Thae specialist in America are more than happy to treat him. It will cause less side affects and give him better quality of life for his future...he is on 13 years old !!! he deserves the best treatment out there. Please please help us !!! we only have a few weeks inwhich to raise the money as his tumour is starting to grow back. anyone wanting to donate can do so by sending a cheque to 34 dunrobin road, airdrie, lanarkshire ml68lr or by clicking the link http://brandonbell.chipin.com/brandon-bell
thank you all so much for your support
Brandon has an offical trust account opened its called The Brandon Bell Fund/G Wall sort code 16 31 26 account number 10288040 so anyone can donate to this fund at any RBS or send cheques to 34 Dunrobin road, Airdrie, Lanarkshire ml6 8lr [email protected] 01236607871

1. Raise 70,000