awareness and education

The media is crazy and the stuff you can see when your not looking. I am particularrly upset about company's makeing the waists in there pants so tiny and 00 is a stupid size. I am angry about the youtube vidios that need flaged go to search then type anamiamusic and you will see the pro anorexia vidio's and belimia vidz are kids are watching. we need more education in schools and greater overall awareness. We also need the FDA to stop posting caloric intake on the tops and front of boxes it goes on the back so normal eaters dont have to look at it. They are trying to make it so every product need that info on all 4 sides that is not healthy for the skinnest ana on the globe or the largest person on the globe. and you normal people in the middle that info is not good for you either eat intuitively that is the answer.

1. YouTube vidios

2. jean company's

3. lack of education and awareness in schools

4. FDA putting food lables on front of packages