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I am currently reading stick figure it is an excellent mimour of a 11 year old girl and her battle with anorexia i actually think every girl should read it in there tweens. It sure would cut down on tweens becomeing anorxic and mothers of girls should also…Read More

a moment of silence

take a moment of silence today for all those who have died to the hands of ED famous and non famous. Karen Carpenter,Christy Henrich,Heidi Guether Ann Carolina Reston, and Ann saxton to name a few celebrities who have died. And to all my MC friends-real…Read More

i wrote a letter to Thom Rutledge

i was assertive with my needs with my mc cordinator and i emailed him to see if i can have a benifit for myself anyone have any ideas i am constently working on reaching out i need to do more for my own recovery. maybe if i help myself it will inspire others…Read More


The FDA is putting nutrition facts on the top of boxes packages and wrappers please write them a letter regaurding this concern. and mail too Food and Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire AVE Silverspring, MD 20993-0002 Help my fight and help my cause so…Read More
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