Our mission is to bring educational programming to children that has largely been cut in public and private schools.

Did you benefit from having extra curricular classes, like art and music, in school? I know I did. If you loved your extra curricular classes in school please consider donating. $35 gives one class to children.

Innovations’ Education Innovators preserve and invest in our Explorations Program which provide our students with learning opportunities that have been undervalued and dissolved from public and even private schools such as the arts, media, physical education, science curriculum, and student organizations. Our goal for the 2010/11 school year is to have 100 Education Innovators join us in contributing to this program.

What’s the story? When Innovations Academy (public K - 8 charter school) first opened in 2008 we were able to bring our Explorations Program to our students on both Mondays and Fridays. Today, due to state budget cuts, we can only offer these programs once a week in the 2010/11 school year and we have had to cut our most popular programs, like Lego Playwell Technologies, because of their individual expense. As a school community, we have cut staffing, materials costs, professional development, etc, to be able to sustain these amazing programs that have become undervalued in most education settings.

Today, we’re welcoming you into our Education Innovators Program. We’re seeking out 100 individuals, communities, and businesses to come together to preserve and grow our program through pledging $1,000 every year for three years. Our Education Innovators make it possible for our students to participate in enriching experiences that they will not get in the home or at their local public school.

Education Innovators make the following possible: A fully funded enrichment program including materials for all students; enrichment classes twice a week for all students; Bringing back our most popular programing like Lego Playwell Technologies and MadScience; Expert teachers and mentors contributing to our students school wide; and sparking student interests and passions in new areas that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

Also, all pledges are valuable. If you do not have the funds to become a formal Innovator, we welcome you to contribute what you can. For as little as $35, you can sponsor a class for our students.

Thank you for becoming one of our supporters and adding value to today’s children, as they will add value to our future.

1. All children deserve a high quality education including enrichment programming.

2. Exposure to new ideas, materials, and professional instructors creates well rounded citizens.

3. http://innovationsacademy.org/education_conservators.php