To improve d quality of our air, land, water n energy resources n promote their sustainable use. Method is 2 create d public will 2 change by awareness of environment issues n problems!

If you've had a chance to see Slumdog Millionaire, then you would have seen the visually striking chase of the young kids by a policeman through the Mumbai slums. Remember the shots of colorful garbage strewn throughout the slum? I wish I could say it was a fake scene, but its not. Within minutes of landing in India, you would realize what a nightmare garbage in India is. The stench, the ugly sight of garbage on roads and over flowing from drains is disgusting until you become conditioned and then blind to it.we cant work for whole India but at least we can do for the city we live.!!!!!!!!
So let's all vow not to litter the places we visit or the surroundings and
try to clean up the area. Also try to be plastic free.
I request you all please share this piece of information in your network as
much as you can. This will create awareness amongst people

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

1. Do implement it

2. Make others aware of it!!

3. Future belongs to those who work for it!!!!!!!!!