History repeating itself

Hi folks! Heard that the Pulau Ketam dog problem is back. This time it's an island near PK. The residents, apparently, have held a meeting and have decided to let the Klang council dogcatchers get rid of their problems for them, and we know, don't we, how…Read More

More strays

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for joining this cause. I'm sure that you feel as deeply as we do for and about strays which are in abundance everywhere. We've just rescued 5 puppies and 3 kittens yesterday. The 5 puppies were abandoned in an empty house in…Read More

Do Something!

This last couple of month alone we have taken in 4 stray dogs, 2 of which are pregnant, from Mahkota Cheras alone. There are still many more running around. Just this evening we saw a very emaciated dog. Our heart goes out to it. What could we do? It was too…Read More
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