How insane a person can be ??

Dear animal lovers The following link shows a terrible new case of an insane that is very proud of torturing and killing slowly and painfully small pupies. It is in spanish but We need to spread this as much as possible in order to try to find who this sick…Read More

Good, at least they are trying to locate the monster that beated the poor dog in the last video

ACTION ALERT: PLEASE SHARE: The SPCA in Singapore is appealing to everyone to pls help in the investigation against the man (and the woman) in the video beating the dog, The SPCA is appealing for information on the man in the video (see pictures). Please call…Read More

This page should be reported

Dear animals' lovers Here is the link for a page that should be removed immediatelly Not only that they are promoting the killing of whales , the FB page has links that are totally pornographic and in the links there is use of animals in those terrible…Read More

Please report this FB page that is promoting whale extermination

PLEASE REPORT THIS FACEBOOK PAGE!! Whale Extermination Association.!/pages/Whale-Extermination-Association/164523386926819 Description PLEASE REPORT THIS FACEBOOK PAGE!! Whale Extermination Association. "Hello Fellow whale haters!…Read More

Pfizer sends e-mail related to the welfare of laboratory animals

Did you receive this e-mail from Pfizer argumenting that they did not have any contact with PLRS laboratory ? Do you believe that they are so concerned to the welfare of laboratory animals ?? Thank you for your letter regarding concerns about the welfare of…Read More

Again a new group to be reported

Dear animals lovers A group called " kill animals " is in the FB Please as usual report it in order that the FB administrators will remove it. Here is the link!/group.php?gid=73737104321&v=wall&ref=share

We can not leave this unpunished

To all animals lovers We can not leave this act to be unpunished Please react, there is an escalation of the brutality and cruelty towards indefense animals and all in order to upload the videos and photos in the facebook , in the youtube , etc, etc, This…Read More
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