A commitment from the Minister

Got a commitment from the minister today...an ambulance station is being set up just below the Canada Games Centre and will be fully operational in 6 weeks and will run 24/7; 554 signatures... thanks to all of you for your efforts & for your support!

meeting with Minister Lang

I have a meeting with Minister Lang on Tuesday at 10am, this is when I hope to deliver the petition, if you have a petition please have it back to me by Monday morning. Thank-you.


I Have completed drafting the petition and fact sheet and will be photocopying them for distribution, I will need people to cover some parts of Takhini, Porter Creek, Granger, McIntyre, Logan, Copper Ridge, Crestview, and anywhere else you can cover...I would…Read More

Petition underway

I am drafting a petition to be given to Minister Archie Lang and Mayor Bev Buckway to have 456 Range Road established as a full- time interim ambulance site. I would appreciate all of the political support possible and am looking for people to help with…Read More


Good Morning everyone, I have had a rough few days and have had to take some time to gather strength for this cause.... I feel like we have the community support to get this done. I phoned the Mayor's office today and found that the only decision they made…Read More
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