New Video for Steve and Nikki

Hey, go check out the new video we made for Steve and Nikki. It's on the home page at It's also on YouTube (along with a slightly longer version that goes into more details about his injuries). Just search for "Help Steve and Nikki"…Read More

Happy Birthday, Steve!!!

Today is Steve's Birthday! He turns 23 today. The absolute best birthday present he could hope for would be for everyone to go to the PayPal site and donate $5.00. Just click on the PayPal link in the left column of the Help Steve and Nikki Facebook page or…Read More

Steve's Accident Photos Now Available at Blog

You can now see photos of the scene of Steve's accident in the Blog at Be forewarned, there are a couple that are pretty graphic.

Steve Back in Hospital

Bad news. Steve had to go back into the hospital yesterday because of an infection in his shoulder. He had to have another operation. You can read the full update in the Blog at Thanks again to everyone for your support!


Last Thursday Steve was discharged from the hospital. We protested because we didn't think he was ready to be discharged, but we lost that battle. They were mostly worried about money. The insurance money hasn't come in yet (the lawyers are working on it) and…Read More
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