our mission is to support our youth with ther goals and dreams to end domestic violence and child abuse,to help single parents with career goals and to support ou local musicians and djs

our goal is to create a tour something to speak to the youth with speakers they idol or look upon, to travel and assist young single parents with education on parenting and to not give up and continue there gaols and dreams,to help those that have no way out of a abusive situation and give them the strength to leave, to suppoort local musicians and help them achieve there goals and let the world see there tru talent , to support local djs .. the A+ movement is not just focusing on one thing but many aspects that many that have joined have been thru and made it thru and made it and are building life in a possitive aspect. many that are supporting,are a part of or have donated to this movement understand and will help to elevate the youth and the future, we speak of peace. Possitive.Energy.Always.Constant.Elevation ..Im s single mother ive been thru the hard knocks and ive erased and recreated my future im a strong woman in the past ive failed to be strong, now im strong independant and showing my children a brighter future and also placing room to help others .. life is too short we must feed our youth with possitive action and now is the time ..if we dont crime rate, and drop out rate , abuse will only raise giving us a gloomy picture for the future .. we must pave the ways .. many artists and musicians have come together to show there talent and also to spread the word thru there talent since 99.9 globally listen to music this is a wonderful way:) thanku to all the artists and labels and djs tahat are supporting .. buyt we need much more help please sopread the word .. we will be putting together mixtapes and doing tours donate so we can achieve this .. we would like to complete a safe house for abuse ,afterschool programs for the youth and free studio time to assist those looking to be in music also ged classes and job programs for single parents .. thank u

1. to support our youth for a brighter future

2. support single parents to achieve gaols and dreams

3. to help stop abuse

4. to support local musicians and djs

5. to keep kids off the streets