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Murray family and the Law families are relatives in most cases as far as i know. I met some members in my youthful innocence when they "hit on me". They were roughly the same age but the experience of coming from a surveillance family makes you circumspect, reticent, careful, and you speak with few yet well chosen words beyond your years or similar. eg. knowing what a gopher, a seal or a bark meant. The manipulative eugenics make they they laid on me merely made me feel uncomfortable and i decided to deny them my friendship ......but they stalked from behind the blind and pounced at a sign of interest in them as they perceived. so it is under the pressure of the need for an alibi that they pester me now constantly
African heritage must consider cases like mine manipulated by
the British eugenics society & South African whites living in Canada.
"hang on to your life my friend" the memories of the poor like poor blacks is often erased by the state.
The streets of Edmonton are like a prison often, in this community of high criminal population release..... see also http://dissmenot.blogspot
accordian: the only instrument someone offered to teach me.

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