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no early warning, no launch warning, just the hunt...


more civilian vulnerable people deaths all over the world eg. here in Canada the same thing occurs !!!! but without the human touch...done from behind a blind the victim doesn't meet the perpetrator but the perpetrator enacts violence with sound equipment : rape in 2minutes or tomorrow maybe then or floor bombs where ever buildings filled with toxic gasses and electrical traps one in Canada in mainstream media has openly discussed the slaughter here. so a foreign student imhe may be wise or naive when bringing genocide info forward. TTBOMBK there is genocide on the SunshineCoast in Canada now...very tricky to prove eg no one talks, nothing but government labs, doctors more than ever before can sign someone in inteminably to one or another illegal incarceration. Reports and evidence of 3rd world style illegal incarceration is apparent to me too late especially since i have been victim so often that i can scarcely walk ( early maiming by police also ttbombk)

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