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Facebook comments 2013 06 18


The Harper Government is currently attacking leffies ttbombk in a way similar to the way i am being attacked. Pre-meditated attacks on housing, work and other charter related reasons. The intent is to undermine our charter, various complaint mechanisms and out of court resolution procedures. I have not found a lawyer to deal with an assault where i was left for dead in 2005. i am too sick to deal with the case easily and quickly....other assaults occurred as reprisal ttbombk for making complaints and there is still no way to charge perpetrators as intimidation is with diabolical violence.

in my case i was unable to access the info (foip etc. ) due to harassment eg. apt. harassment and violence.
hardisty fight in b.c. was a win for environmental side.

In western Canada, police have been using illegal weapons, clandestinely to attack leffies....ttbombk eg. from behind a blind .....calling the attacks dissipation experiments...crowds were murdered and the smell of death hung in the air but no one from the media commented....When approached gov. officials declined comment....rcmp reports have been ignored.

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