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Most of night and day....


bad boys, the old men called me back over technology i had never used to intimidate me into silence forever this time, to intimidate me into peeing my pants and to frighten me from entering the bathroom or the living room. The house was surrounded and men could be heard banging on walls or otherwise seeming to break in. Then the sickening smell of spilled guts or sickness, over and over the routine of hatred and teasing. Knowing how to blow up animals and people has always been the main focus, and the hatred for those what concern themselves for growing, nurturing, befriending, finding commonalities and sharing at least as far as could be for a laugh or to find out someones foibles so as to forgive them...cannot be understood... Many women seem like deer walking into headlights when approaching even pimps. They are expected to save the ungrateful man and then to forget the sacrifices and the me would like to seize the womans wages again today in this depressed economy. How good it would be to return a century or two at least to old times as they imagined them to be. But modern bombs are not forgiving and leave radioactive traces in the water, in the plants, in the internal organs of the woman that should know better than to scratch or brush away an emf or heal herself. There must be some need for a man.(09072013)

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