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Porn and diabolical violence


Dear Sir or Mme:

When a child is victim of pedophiles, the pedophile often believes that the child is the seducer and responsable for the subsequent harassment that the victimizer feels unable to stop.

Thus, i have been victim of exploitation for most of my life since i was called intelligent behind my back, victim of reprisal for this and for my fathers industriousness, ... and exploited long after his murder, Brian Klaponski is not that much older than me but his older cousins and many of the other exploiters are about 20 years older than i am. I am just surfacing from the destruction that this exploitation heaped on my life eg. from the maiming, the repeated maiming and then the attempted murder.

My cousins i gather claim that they are not hurting me when you speak to them.... i heard someone ask if they were in the area the other day...I do not know porn; i have always hated porn; i will hate it ever more because i now know there is no non violent porn or erotica derived from forced sexuality or any hint of exploitation. ....But the police want to be one of the boys and big time "adults"...Odd how the childish victimization of women, youth and children is called "adult"....Then the victimized children often become abusers. You must fight to break the cycle of violence, exploitation, repeated assaults and ongoing violence. I am certainly no match for this when the violence comes with military permissions. Brutality is not synonimous with intelligence.

The very technology claiming to protect us is merely a protection racket....Surveillance becomes the criminal ...if civilian life is threatened, the daily activities opposed and civilians go over 600 native women have been reported bravely by the indiginous community as murdered by racial/gender violence. Many other deaths go unreported ttbombk.

When my body is touched without my consent or i am administered drugs or so called "treatment" without my consent I am paralyzed with disgust if not near death itself. Nano technology to me is mostly human trafficking and human rendering technology. Its other uses would have to be defended inho. When a camera can stock a young person from one location to another gpsing the habits and interests via phone gips, the child / youth is in critical danger of being a victim of murder or rape. The environment also is victim of the technology eg. see national geographic Jan. 2008 on technotrash.

The police hoping to make a private profit have often fallen victim to the enticement of pornographic profit because of the privileges of their jobs. Claims witnessing police involvement have frequently been reported by mental health clients. Crazy making is one of the cheapest ways to deny a disabled person and/ or victim of maiming the medical treatment, the opportunities normally had by other 'favoured' members of society.

With the widespread use of computers perhaps human self alienation is more pronounced than ever before...We need to fight our failure to defend children's rights eg. to access nature, to body movement and to access information and education. Porn kills both the environment and the people involved. The technology behind porn does this today blatantly dumping toxins and plastics while burning out mere babies eyes and breaking their spirit and courage to live. A computer scene of the ocean doesn't replace being in nature.

Fight porn! Fight environmental Destruction~! Support childrens rights! Stop known abusers from re committing! Break the cycle of violence!


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