facebook : defence for monitoring of citizens.

perhaps but they want to move the 'good' folk to canada or just use us as a banana republic for 'softwood lumber' that somehow will survive the 'bombed' forests and the other depopulation strategies used on critics like environmentalists, ethnic groups and…Read More

Share your stories about torture or historical torture in Canada.

In North American society passive aggression may well be the most common way for individuals to cope with anger. A minority of people intentionally seek out other ways to cope with anger eg: communication classes, anger control groups. In fact western society…Read More

Share your stories about forced labour

Jan Sam in Canada ongoing superusers piggyback in all settihhngs eg. writers wherever your dwelling or location....a superuser with clearance uses military or cia paycheck for private business ie that the groudlings earn nothing and experience torture and no…Read More

Stop use of evidence extracted from torture either longterm or short term by rcmp/.grc

Ritual torture ongoing. Critical complaints sent out. I forget that the complaint will be followed by reprisal and was forbidden. Trying to determine the sources of the hate crime.…Read More

Stop violence .....towards a hard copy periodical or paper ...Citizens Beat

Any ideas for moving fwd We might stard a hard copy periodical for all to share eg. writing, contact info etc. to circulate to folks not online eg. in Canada using a computer (#) in the library can get you removed, arrested and/or dissed.  We can share ideas…Read More

Lawyers needed asap to fight civil libertes and charter rights case.

a call for lawyers interested in civil injuries and personal injury law in the wpg region or able to work there. the case has been brought forward to the highest level possible in this district and it is closest to appeal to charter. i have written this note…Read More

sweet smell of success in 2012 Canada

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