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China tortures animals while little children laugh and cheer..Help the animals who cannot help themselves from this horrific life of torture. Thousands die daily from torture!


There are such horrifying stories of animal abuse coming out of China it's just heartbreaking. To know that there are many people that have known about this but have done NOTHING is equally as heartbreaking. You cannot say you love animals and not take a stand for them.

If you do not take a stand for what you believe in then you stand for nothing. The animals in China and the Phillipines, and asia are dogs, cats that are being skinned alive on a daily basis. They are no different that our pets we so love here in the United States.

We must put the world focus on CHINA to get them to stop the abuse. They even abuse their zoo animals just for enjoyment. A person can pay a small sum to watch an animal being ripped apart at the zoo while children cheer. Is it any wonder that they are experiencing an increasing violence. They are starting their children with violence and to ignore an animals cries of pain.

When these children grow how will that affect the world. Things are not getting better with animal abuse in China they are getting worse. Don't wait for somebody to do something - YOU ARE THAT SOMEBODY.

Write the Chinese Embassy a letter stating that the world will now be watching them. They need to start initiating animal protection laws. There is no need for the violence they enact. There are ways to kill animals humanely without the suffering. What kind of society does this.

I have heard of so many disturbing and disgusting exaples of animal cruelty, once witnessing the slaughter of a dog, in front of a dog meat restaurant, on one of the busiest streets in town, on the sidewalk, with pedestrians passing. The dog had been hung up, while alive i might add, by a hook through it's chin. Legs tied together. In one swift motion a man stabbed the dog in the neck and proceeded to slice the dog open all the way down. An ocean of blood is the only way I could describe it. I had to turn away, and tried to leave as fast as i could, but the sounds the dog was making, the screaming, not a wail or a whimper, but screams, almost human, definately unnatural, were audible down the street, even as i tried to escape the sight, i was haunted by the sound. It was truly one of the most inhumane things I've ever seen, and one of the most traumatic.



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