Stop china torturing animals awareness

Someone's stolen or abandoned Saint Bernard stands alone among the cages stuffed with dogs. The animal show signs of neglect. This is Moran Market in Sungnam City. It boasts the largest dog market in Korea. There are days of the week that are considered "dog days," when you can experience the true scope of this illegal trade. This photo was taken with hidden camera. Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, word has spread that international animal welfare groups are campaigning against this industry, and dog meat dealers have become hostile to those who disapprove. In fact, you will now find plain-clothed guards posted at the markets to prevent foreigners from approaching. We have received reports of Saint Bernard dogs being raised for meat in China.)

dogs are usually sold at markets while still alive, their front limbs dislocated and tied painfully behind their backs, and a jagged tin can rammed over their jaws to make them easier to handle. All in blatant disregard of a law that carries a minimal penalty which the police do not bother to even try to enforce.

1. Dogs are mans best friend stop the torture

2. Stop the mutilation on dogs

3. http://www.all-creatures.org/anex/dog.html