As time goes by and we start to settle back in after another deployment we once again become comfortable in our own skin and environment but its still a challenge everyday to wake up and wonder what unexpected misfortune will happen or what NCO is going to…Read More


Moment The moment the door is kicked in and you enter, there is about a 1000 different things that could happen. Those split seconds could be the difference between life and death. The feeling that comes over your body is unmistakable. For me it seems like…Read More

Wasn't Me

Wasn't Me Why wasn't it me? Our lives sometimes come down to where my name is on that dry erase board, what platoon what squad, what team I am in. It could of come down to what vehicle, what weapon I was issued. It wasn't me because I was in the opposite…Read More

The Sacrifice

I found out today we lost 56 Soldiers as a Brigade this deployment. I will add there names to the cause when I get the chance. I will never forget. Please recruit, don't be lazy.

The difference

The Difference Between Life And Death Of An Infantryman It was that step u didn't take It was your best friend in front of u, that stepped on the IED (Improvised Explosive Device ) that u would of It was that glance to the left or right It was the extra min…Read More

What I fight for

I fight for us Americans that take everything for granted, but its OK because I don't. I fight for my fallen brothers, that had a brother, sister, mother, father and a chance to see who created such a great brother. I fight for all of us that grow up to raise…Read More

We Get Ours

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