The ONE Life-Love-Energy Foundation aims to guide us to respect and treasure Mother Nature and Earth, with the understanding that we and she are from ONE Energy, ONE Creation, living ONE Life

On writing the E book 'ONE Life-Love-Energy' 2 years ago I have realized that the Earth and nature as a whole, including people and animals, have been abused and exploited in humankind's lust for power and wealth. In so doing we have destroyed life for everyone, impoverished whole communities in Africa, the USA & Canada, Australia, India, China, etc. The situation is critical and we, children of the forefathers who have caused the destruction, must repair it ASAP, if at all possible.

1. The One Philosophy is that, since all is energy, that everyone and everything in the Univese is ONE Creation, from ONE Energy, living ONE Life

2. We also take care of orphaned children and Street Children at an orphanage in Somerset West, Cape Town. S.A.

3. Our site is: http://allforone-oneforall.webs.com